How to make a mountain personally menacing.


Original image


1. Isolated & duplicated the mountain to make the teeth, then put them on one layer
2. Used Liquefy filter to shorten teeth on the bottom & lengthen them on top
3. Added a satin & color overlay to the layer


4. Made another copy of the teeth layer, grouped it with the first, and added a drop shadow, bevel, and gradient overlay

5. Made a comp of the teeth layers, then added a little inner glow


6. Found an image to use looking out through the teeth. I tried to find a picture of a person/people running away in terror, but couldn't find anything I liked.

7. Messed with the colors a bit


8. Duped the layer and added a lens blur; removed a lot more of the color

9. Made a mask for the center area


10. Added Hue and Levels adjustment layers, grouped with the blurry layer, to further center the eye


11. Put everything together

12. Added a drop of blood to make it a little more menacing.


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